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    Wheelchair Coat Pattern

    Buy this wheelchair coat pattern now! When Becca was very little, I got frustrated every winter trying to keep her warm in her wheelchair. Other Moms I knew bought nice coats for their kids and then put them on backwards to avoid having to adjust straps and restraints back and forth. It’s a lot like what happens with a child in a carseat during the wintertime if your carseat was expected to go inside with them, too. If you adjust the straps for the child while wearing a coat, you have to adjust them back while they’re inside, not wearing their coat. I knew there had to be a better…

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    New Wheelchair Bag Designs!

    Hand crafted with coordinating fabrics, and fully lined, they are all one of a kind. Becuase the have adjustable straps, they work well for wheelchairs with either bicycle-type push handles or can be used on stroller style handles as well. The bag can also be easily removed for machine washing. They have a total of 4 pockets, 2 half-width pockets in the front, then two full width pockets. Works great for keeping homework, books, oxygen tanks, fidgets, or crafting supplies, or whatever you need handy. Buy this Necessity Bag now!

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    Weighted Clothing

    I am looking to add weighted clothing and accessories to the store, and am doing some research. First off, for those of you who have children that need/use this type of clothing whether it be a vest or blanket: What is the approximate weight? Do you wish it was more or less heavy than it is? How washable is it? How washable does it need to be? How large is it? (full body, chest, legs, etc) Any guidance in this respect would be good, I have several ideas, but the like most things in my store, the ideal is to be a less expensive alternative to what the big catalogs…

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    Item Highlight: Wheelchair Capes

    Our kids are super heroes in their own right, so I have always called these capes — No matter that they go down the front instead of the back! Now you can buckle and unbuckle harnesses and car seat straps while keeping your child covered from the weather in two soft and cuddly layers of fleece. The hood has a drawstring with a button under the chin to make the opening as wide as possible to go over the head, yet offer some draft control. (If you would prefer another closure method, please specify when you order.) The cape extends over the shoulders to tuck behind and keep the out…

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    You found our site because you were looking for solutions to some of your family’s special needs, and we made our site for the same reason. Our daughter Rebecca’s needs were the first things we addressed and she has tested out everything we make on our site. We pride ourselves on being a custom site and are willing to work with all kinds of requests and adaptations. Please use the Comments section while you are ordering to tell us anything we can do to make your order fit you the best. As always, everything is sewn in a pet free, dust free environment with lots and lots of love and…