Denise Totes Ma Goats

I named this bag with a phrase that describes how I feel about my Sister-in-Law, Denise. 🙂 When her name comes up on my caller ID, I’m excited to answer. I love talking to her. She is strong and adventurous and I admire her very much.

I have been wanting to try a sized up Ethel for a while now. Ethel is such an elegant pattern. Simple and beautiful. I knew she would be great if she could hold even more stuff! I sized the pattern up by 130% and I was not disappointed. We are talking Michelle Pfieffer in One Fine Day; everything you could possibly need at your fingertips. I specifically wanted to be able to fit a 3 ring binder in this bag comfortably and it does.

This bag is now for sale at my Etsy Shop BeccaBugbyDiana.

denise_view_2 denise_view_3 denise_view_4 denise_view_5denise_view_1

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Alice the Tote Bag has Two Straps

I’ve been saving a small stack of farm themed fabric to make something special for my Mom. Before I cut into it, I wanted to try a Swoon Alice on for size. I found this pretty combination of a soft gray and mauve with the Eiffel Tower and flowers. The mauve lining is some terrific, heavier fabric I have used dozens of times in different projects. This marks the last time I’ll get to use it. It’s very soft for how sturdy it is and I’ll miss it now that it’s gone. The bag turned out terrific and I love the bigger size and straighter sides for a nice, big tote.

This bag is now for sale at my Etsy Shop BeccaBugbyDiana.

alice_view_1 alice_view_2 alice_view_3 alice_view_4

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Jumeaux (Twins)


I loved how my first twin bags turned out and so I had to do it again! I’ve been saving this Paris fabric for the perfect project.

ethel_paris_black ethel_paris_black_inside

These bags are true mirror images of each other. The outside of one bag is the other bag’s lining and vice versa.

ethel_paris_pink ethel_paris_pink_inside

I added hardware to the handles. It gives it a twinkle and lets the handles lay down flat to the sides when you’re rummaging for your keys. And speaking of keys, how about a matching key fob to go with? Yes, si vous plait!

These bags are for sale at my Etsy shop BeccaBugbyDiana.

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Dairy Maid


Here she is!


I have been saving this fabric for just the right project. I am so pleased with my Dairy Maid Alice. Not only is the lining made from fabric that looks like the coveralls my Grandpa used to wear, but the handles are fabric from my Grandma’s stash. My Mom inherited a box of fabric from her Mom and she shared a little bit of it with me and each of my sisters. It is so precious to me.


The surprise pocket in this one has chickens in it, not just because it goes with the farm theme, but my Mom loves this fun lip balm called Chicken Poop. Now she has a pocket especially for it.


This bag is very nostalgic and the perfect gift for my Mom for Mother’s Day!

P.S. It was a hit.

Not for sale.

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

ethel_yellow_grey ethel_yellow_grey_2

I first had the idea to do two matching bags on my first try at a Swoon Ethel. My grandmother’s name is Ethel and this pattern looked like a sweet, simple bag. I’m not a very strict person with myself as I sew. I fit the pieces where they would fit and ran with it. What that means is that these bags are identical on the outside, but not so much on the inside.

The first set of yellow and gray color scheme just flowed together. A sweet, simple bag indeed. I pictured them as a Mother Daughter set or BFF bags or even Sisters. Someone you wanted to stay connected with by using a bag every day that reminded you of them.

Each bag has a slip pocket on the outside and a small zippered pocket on the inside. One has another slip pocket on the inside with velcro and the other has a seam dividing its second slip pocket into two.

These are for sale at my Etsy Shop BeccaBugbyDiana.

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