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Malibu Barbie gets a makeover

Does anyone else like dolls? I mean adults, are there other adults that like dolls (that aren’t like super creepy)?

I think dolls are fun. I don’t play with them, but I really enjoy sewing for them and fixing their hair. My two daughters are too old to play with dolls, but we kept their 18-inch dolls and our combined Barbie collection. About a year ago, my girls found the Barbie box and pulled it out. They had the brilliant idea to fix the dolls and their wardrobes up so they would be nice for their future little girls to play with.

They started painting on underwear with nail polish and giving each doll’s hair a good wash and combing out. They were stumped by my original Malibu Barbie, however. This poor doll was made with really bad hair. She’s always had thin, oily looking hair. I don’t know why I’ve never thrown her away because I’ve never really liked that doll because of her odd hair.

I am glad I kept her, because it’s so great to reuse and recycle things instead of throwing them away. I wouldn’t have had the supplies or the instructions to give her better hair before, but now I do. For a mere $2.50 I bought a package of long blonde artificial doll hair. I watched some videos of other people sewing new hair on old dolls on the internet. I shaved her head bare, got a needle and started giving her a makeover. I think she is very excited about this turn of events.

It will take a while to finish; I can only do about 45 minutes at a time and have to stop because my fingers can’t grip the needle anymore. I’ll have to do another segment when she is done, but for now, here are some progress pictures of my new ambition to save this little doll.

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