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How many strips from a yard of fabric?

While I certainly admire the efforts my Grandmothers went to to create the intricate quilts I keep in my hope chest, there are times when you just want to make a quilt quickly and as easily as possible. Strip quilting is one method to accomplish both. The chart below shows how many strips of fabric you can get from a yard of fabric. Download the PDF version below the image. You can also check out the other free printable sewing and quilting charts I have available.

Please note: the chart below is great for estimation, but as you can see from the 12″ measurement, you should be able to get 3 strips, but may only get 2 since the edge may not be completely straight. But, if you are using 2 continuous yards of fabric, you should get at least 5 strips, not 4 (2x the number listed), so keep that in mind.

Sewing Tips Strip Quilting |

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