Super Hero Wall Posters

My son is really into super heroes. I made these to hang on his wall. They are 12×12″ so will also work as scrapbook backgrounds if you want. Download the PDF below the picture.

Superhero Logos PDF
Superhero Logos (White Background) PDF

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21 Responses to Super Hero Wall Posters

  1. aying says:

    hi! many thanks for the super hero logos! my son’s birthday party theme will be super hero’s party, so this comes so handy. thanks a lot!

  2. GJ says:


    This is a really great collection – awesome job!!

    Out of curiosity, I tried to name all the characters but I’m not aware of the middle logo on the the last row – can you mention the name. Thanks in advance!

  3. GJ says:

    Thanks a lot !!

  4. sarah says:

    Thank you so much! These are perfect! Would you be able to list the names for me? There are a few that I can’t identify ๐Ÿ™

    • geoffrey says:

      Flash / Aquaman / Superman / Batman / The Avengers
      Robin / Captain America / Green Lantern / Fantastic Four / Thor
      Spiderman / Green Arrow / Red Tornado / Ironman / Hawkeye

  5. SMILE says:

    Woow. Love it. Sure my friends like this. I love HAWKEYE! Hehe. Green lanturn too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. bre says:

    could you possibly find time to do a printable set with the female characters? Wonderwoman, electra, batgirl, catwoman, supergirl etc?

    • geoffrey says:

      I can certainly try.

      • kriskat says:

        Isn’t supergirl same a superman? Catwoman would a cat face. WW is two w letters.. with the lasso around it? Electra E with the Egyptian symbols from her necklace. Batgirl same as batman? Xmen : Storm would be a storm cloud with lightening bolt? Rogue hmmmm I don’t know, Jean JG? Jean Grey Incredibles Mom was Elasta girl (could stretch)and daughter ?Ivy? could be invisible.

  7. kaan says:

    Could I use this pic also for my youtube channel please??

  8. We are doing a super hero b-day party for the grandson, these will come in handy, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Christabel says:

    At least put the owners of these logos. Who has the hammer? I’m tryna win a chocolate bar.

  10. Robert Whelan says:

    I am a media student at llandrillo college and for my work i was wondering if i could use this file to make a mood board. I will use this for profit and i will also not put this file in a bad light

    Thank you
    Robert Whelan Media Student

  11. Jade says:

    These are awesome! Any chance of a hulk one with a white background? Avengers theme ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Eric says:

    Your superhero logos are great! Could you tell me how you made them or are you able to make others? We are looking for superhero logos (about 12″ in diameter) that could printed on foam board for table centerpieces, so there are several other logos Id be interested in in your format and size (ie, X-Men, Justice League, SHIELD, etc.).

  13. Sandra says:

    Thank you for the printable! It will be perfect for my son’s bday next weekend :).

  14. RB says:

    Thank you so much for providing these! My son’s first birthday is a superhero theme!! Really appreciate it : )

  15. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    This are awesome.

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