The Dairy Maid - Swoon Alice Tote Bag |

Dairy Maid


Here she is!


I have been saving this fabric for just the right project. I am so pleased with my Dairy Maid Alice. Not only is the lining made from fabric that looks like the coveralls my Grandpa used to wear, but the handles are fabric from my Grandma’s stash. My Mom inherited a box of fabric from her Mom and she shared a little bit of it with me and each of my sisters. It is so precious to me.


The surprise pocket in this one has chickens in it, not just because it goes with the farm theme, but my Mom loves this fun lip balm called Chicken Poop. Now she has a pocket especially for it.


This bag is very nostalgic and the perfect gift for my Mom for Mother’s Day!

P.S. It was a hit.

Not for sale.

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