Denise - Sunflower and Stripes Tote Bag - Swoon Ethel XL |

Denise Totes Ma Goats

I named this bag with a phrase that describes how I feel about my Sister-in-Law, Denise. 🙂 When her name comes up on my caller ID, I’m excited to answer. I love talking to her. She is strong and adventurous and I admire her very much.

I have been wanting to try a sized up Ethel for a while now. Ethel is such an elegant pattern. Simple and beautiful. I knew she would be great if she could hold even more stuff! I sized the pattern up by 130% and I was not disappointed. We are talking Michelle Pfieffer in One Fine Day; everything you could possibly need at your fingertips. I specifically wanted to be able to fit a 3 ring binder in this bag comfortably and it does.

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denise_view_2 denise_view_3 denise_view_4 denise_view_5denise_view_1

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