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My Top 3 Goals Towards My Why

Hey, All! I have been away honing my craft, you might say. I have been studying, reading tons of articles, pinning and I even took a class on how I can run my business better. I hope to implement some of the big, huge things I’ve been learning in small incremental ways. I am both determined and scared out of my mind. I hope to keep it the kind of fear that pushes me forward. Your comments, encouragement and engagement will help me so much! Thanks for being here!

First off, I’d like to outline some of my goals. This will help you to get to know me better and share my posts, links, pins and all of the good stuff with the people in your life that need them. And it will keep me accountable and taking steps, however small, in the right direction.

Goal #1
I want to widen my fan base. I am crazy good at special needs sewing because I know what I need, what I use and I make it and use it. That’s a niche I feel very comfortable in. But the more I think about it, that niche can easily be expanded to literally encompass life from the beginning to the end. A lot of what I have already made and designed can also work for babies and for the elderly. I need to figure out how to better market to these populations also because I feel like I have a lot of solutions to common frustrations.

Plus, there’s all the fun stuff my sister sews. I would love to find out where all of the American Girl doll fans hang out. We have a couple of different populations whose attention I want to grab and hold onto for a while.

Goal #2
I want to do tutorials. YouTube scares the beejebers out of me! But I can’t find anything like what I think I have to offer in YouTube content. I have searched and searched and searched and found nothing. I feel that it would support the patterns I already have up for sale. I have a million different little tutorial ideas for quick, easy projects. And above all, I believe I can make sewing FUN and engaging and completely and utterly possible. The thing I hear the most is “I don’t sew very well.” I bet you do, you just need to unlock your potential and be encouraged to bolster skills you already have! I can’t come to your house and tutor you over your shoulder, but I can make some fun videos that just might get you unstuck.

UPDATE: I bit the bullet and did my first video tutorial! It was fun coming up with funny, entertaining bits and it’s for something that I literally use every day.

Goal #3
I have so, so many ideas! I have a yellow legal pad filled to the brim with ideas of things I’ve already made, things I’d like to try, needs I can fill and totally wacky things that may never work. I want to Facebook, pin, Instagram and blog the heck out of all of them! Some of them may not work, but I’m ready to throw them all up in the air and see what sticks to the clouds! Part of this goal is working on things simultaneously. Designing and writing patterns some days, sewing things up for written and video tutorials on other days and engaging with everyone always. I haven’t found the rhythm of this yet, but I won’t if I never try.

So, there’s my top 3 goals. What are you working on? What are your top 3 goals? We get one life to make the very best of that we can! Let’s get to work.

My Why |
A snapshot of one of the pages I completed during the small business class I attended.

Watch for another post with the details behind My Why.

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