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Sewing, It’s Kinda My Thing…

If a geek is “a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity,” then I geek sewing hardcore. I love it, I love talking about it and I love the idea of expressing myself so fellow talented sewing geeks know that sewing is totally my thing. I am adding some new items for like-minded seamstresses (and seamsters?). I love funny T-shirts, but I often struggle to find some that are well-designed and not too cheesy, but absolutely sassy and witty.

Let’s be honest. Most sewing shirts look like they were made in the 80s and have been in and out of thrift stores ever since. There are so many cool things out there to get under your needle and put the pedal down for. Show the love! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we put the pedal to the metal for next!

Sewing, It's kinda my thing T-Shirt |

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