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Please Note — I no longer make these wheelchair capes, however, I do sell the wheelchair cape pattern on my Etsy store

Wheelchair Coat / Cape |

Our kids are super heroes in their own right, so I have always called these capes — No matter that they go down the front instead of the back! Now you can buckle and unbuckle harnesses and car seat straps while keeping your child covered from the weather in two soft and cuddly layers of fleece. The hood has a drawstring with a button under the chin to make the opening as wide as possible to go over the head, yet offer some draft control. (If you would prefer another closure method, please specify when you order.) The cape extends over the shoulders to tuck behind and keep the out the chill. These capes are wide enough to tuck in around the edges and keep your precious bundle warm.

Orange and Red Wheelchair Link |

To find the right size, measure your child from their shoulder to their toes and then fit that measurement into the sizes provided. If you think you may need it wider, please specify when you order.

These capes are machine washable and a great alternative when a bulky coat gets in the way of straps, buckles, harnesses etc.

As the weather gets colder, my orders for these increase; please order soon as they can have about a 3 week* turnaround time, and I don’t want your child to be cold while you are waiting for your order to process.

*Due to the extreme custom nature of these wheelchair coats, I can’t just keep them in stock. When you make your order, I then get the color fabric you specify and sew it just for you. 🙂


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